Thursday, December 26, 2013

Casino as Chinese Symbol MAZE

Maze of chinese symbol casino
Maze of a Chinese Symbol Part of Casino
Maze Solution found HERE
An important fact to understand before beginning to play the game of online roulette is that there is in fact no way to overcome the casinos built in house edge. The house has an edge over the player in every casino game. The casino pays off bets at a mathematically arrived at formula of less than the actual odds of the outcome occurring. Having said all of this, gaming is fun and exciting and there will certainly be times when you are successful. To try and overcome or beat the built in house edge, many scientists and casino lovers have spent many hours devising strategies and in the case of roulette to crack the wheel using probability and chaos theory. These theories include those that encourage players to bet using certain patterns such as wagering on the black or red pockets only, using only high or low numbers or making wagers exclusively on prime numbers. Although there have been times that players have had successful results using these systems, it is really luck of the draw.  Even Einstein himself, after trying to create a system to beat the roulette wheel, claimed that is cannot be done. Roulette should be enjoyed in the right state of mind. Only wager as much as you have to lose. Engage in a mind sharpening activity such as solving a maze problem before beginning to play. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy your gaming session.

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