Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cat Casino Ninja

roulette kitten
There are two ways to approach online casino games such as online blackjack. The first way is to embrace the excitement. When you get on a roll, go for it. Throw caution to the wind and just live for the moment. Play and bet quickly and go with your gut at all times. Now some people may enjoy this form of playing. But the reality is that it does not produce the most winners. In fact, getting carried away in the excitement of these games can lead to fast and poor decision making. That is why the second approach is often better. In the second approach, players view the game as a form of relaxation. They play in the same way they would watch a movie or listen to music. They play oftentimes while holding a treasured petcat in their laps and softly petting the cat’s warm fur. Every decision is made with great thought. Above all else, these players relish the opportunity to play based on reason and logic, not nervous energy. Petting the cat allows them to pace their game playing correctly and not be rushed into a bad deal. They can often play for hours like this.

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