Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Romancing The Casino Art

psychedelic martini optical illusion
Casinos earn billions of dollars every year by enticing people to visit the casino and play any of the hundreds of games which are offered at the casino's card tables, lotteries and slot machines. The casinos want to encourage their visitors to play as many of the games as possible since the house advantage ensures that the casino will never lose more money than it wins. Casino gamers are generally aware of this house advantage but are nevertheless drawn to the casino because the atmosphere presents them with an enjoyable vacation which allows them to taste the good life of wealth and prosperity. Casinos promote this ambiance by creating an exhilarating atmosphere of flashing bright lights and an array of special favors for the visitors who become stimulated by the excitement of the crowds. Many casinos also offer an itinerary of entertaining performances that encourage the visitors to remain on the premises and engage in more gaming activities after the shows are finished.      

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